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Title :  DIY Magnesium Bicarbonate Supplement
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I used to live on E 53rd Street in Maywood when I was a kid. Where in Maywood did this happen?
Comment from : FOAD RIGHTNOW

Nether Nathaniel
The water makes it worse because the magnuisuim can thake the oxygen element from the water so it’s worse
Comment from : Nether Nathaniel

Goose 6.0
Note that is not a fireball. I could be wrong but I believe that is a mushroom cloud, caused by the heat of this reaction.
Comment from : Goose 6.0

Drosne Lochmir
Magnesium + Water = biggest flashbang
Comment from : Drosne Lochmir

It's beautiful
Comment from : sssesoj

Aaron Gobreski
Comment from : Aaron Gobreski

Gaming Centre
Comment from : Gaming Centre

Juan Rodriguez
couldn't see for like 2 seconds it was fuckend bright
Comment from : Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez
fuck man i live like 5 blocks from that explosion
Comment from : Juan Rodriguez

oscar narvaez
hi listo
Comment from : oscar narvaez

oscar narvaez
hi listo 😁😁
Comment from : oscar narvaez

oscar narvaez
hi listo 😁😁
Comment from : oscar narvaez

Alexis Pimentel
holy your mudder!!!!
Comment from : Alexis Pimentel

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